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Anonymous asked: What's your major in college?




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"There are no such things as “opposite” genders, any more than a strawberry is the “opposite” of a plum."
Hanne Blank, Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality (via insidethesnowglobe)

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me, leaving my academic advisor’s office today

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You haven’t felt true pain until your favourite book gets made into the crappiest movie ever

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The first and last time Mako Mori sees Stacker Pentecost. Both times she has tears running down her cheeks, but the emotions are very different.

here’s the rudest gifset on the Internet

you’re welcome

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i wonder why when women write teen novels they’re categorized as chicklit yet when jgreen writes teen novels hes a nyt best selling author and praised as understanding the tru nature of teens nvm i know why

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Columbia University in the city of New York

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Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley


Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley

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I have rid England of her enemies. What do I do now? Am I to be made of stone? Must I be touched by nothing?

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Anonymous asked: HEY what are 5 small everyday things u love about being at barnard?



HI oh gosh there are so many things!! here are the biggest small things i can think of at the moment:

  1. the familiar faces! i’m at a point where no matter what i’m doing—walking around campus to/from classes, stopping for coffee at liz’s place, sitting out on lehman lawn, etc.—i can always count on running into someone who i somehow know. and there’s interaction ranging from a quick smile+”hello!” to hugs to full conversations and stopping to truly hang out. but it always makes me happy to see so many people around who i know from different places and appreciate in so many capacities.
  2. the professors! this might sound corny but so many of the professors i’ve had are really genuinely kind and willing to help and make themselves available to their students after class / in office hours. and it’s been really cool to be able to stop in for anything! like i’ve gone in for to ask questions about an exam or assignment, to get advice about papers for other classes, to catch up generally, etc.
  3. the people who work at liz’s place! i’ve grown to truly live for my morning coffee before classes, and the people who work at liz’s place never fail to brighten my day. they’re all so friendly and genuinely care and i honestly believe that they want me to have a nice day when they say it. i’m especially thinking of how great claudia is, she’s like your friend’s cool mom who you want to sit down and chat with because you can’t talk to your own parents about stuff.
  4. the student groups! this isn’t specific to barnard because most groups are inter-school, but i’ve found that for anything you might be interested in there is a group for it! and if it doesn’t exist you can start a group! this is great because it is in easy way to find people who share interests/identities and it means that there is always something happening that could be of interest to you. it might sound silly but i’ve always found it really comforting to be able to sit down at the end of the day with people who are truly able to understand me.
  5. the magnolia tree! it’s springtime again which means that the magnolia tree is in full bloom. the past week has been full of anticipation, and then this weekend she bloomed into her full splendor. it’s so happy and it makes me feel so full of love (and a bit full of allergies). it’s a moment that i look forward to every year and love getting to see as i walk around campus during the spring.

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